awkward dragons

A Solana-based NFT collection containing 4,888 quirky hand-drawn Dragons.

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Public mint goes live may 5 @ 3AM (UTC)


Exclusive early access on public mint day

PUBLIC MINT /  5 May 3AM (UTC) / 1.05 SOL

That awkward moment...

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Benefits of owning an awkward dragon


Community DAO Burning Mechanism

Creating scarcity to make Awkward Dragons NFT more competitive and sustainable in the market​


VIP access to the 2nd NFT collection

A second collection will follow shortly after the first season of the Awkward Dragons story is finished
(We strongly encourage you to hodl your Awkward Dragons ;) )


Mobile APP Game
  • Awkward Dragons and second collection NFTs will be featured and deployed

  • NFT holders will be given exclusive access to the Beta version, to provide feedback and improvements

  • Long term loyal NFT holders will be rewarded with benefits in the game ;)


Community Building Events & Partnerships
  • Community DAO Battles facilitated by the Awkward Dragons team 

  • Private events for holders to mingle and network 

  • Establish Partnerships to bring continuous value to holders 

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the story

Dragons were the most fearsome creatures in ancient history, bringing chaos to the Earth since its inception. Hunters strived to reduce their numbers over many centuries and eventually eradicated the whole species, leading to the extinction of the cunning beast and bringing peace to the lands of mankind for the millenniums to come.

Little did we know, Dragons would reappear for the first time in present history in the year 2022. These newly discovered dragons from the Solana blockchain are surprisingly nothing like their ancestors, carrying unique traits never seen before. 

Some are cute and some are cool, some are smart and some are dorky, some are degens and some are disciplined, but they all have one similarity… everything about them is very AWKWARD!


Our roadmap

Awkward Dragons discovered by the Awkward Founders

Twitter, Instagram and Discord channels launch.

Awkward Warriors begin their quests, completing awkward challenges on social platforms to gain very limited priority pairing (minting) slots or even free pairing (airdrop) with an Awkward Dragon!

The Awkward Quest is promoted to the world to attract the best Warriors. Awkward Ambassadors are recruited to aid the quest.

Worthy Awkward Warriors match with their Awkward Dragons and become knighted as true Awkward Dragon Warriors. (Just to clarify, here we mean mint time😳)

Awkward Dragon Warriors will train with each other, with the best of the best chosen by the community rewarded.

Regional and Global Awkward events will happen to ensure a united Awkward Army. Merchandise will be released to gear everyone up!

Awkward Dragon Warriors march into battle against the Evil Empire. There will be blood, casualties, and heroic sacrifices. The number of Awkward Dragon Warriors will reduce (through DAO burning) but the strength of the united army will bring victory to the land of Solana!

When the awkward quest is complete, something unexpected will happen…


the team

Awkward Dragons NFT - Captain Awkward.png
Captain Awkward


Awkward Dragons NFT - Awkward Friend.png
that awkward friend


Awkward Dragons NFT - MOD.png
mother of dragons

Lead Artist

YoshiAwkward Dragon NFT - .png


TotoAwkward Dragon NFT - .png

Video Editor


the FAQs

What is an Awkward Dragons NFT?

Awkward Dragons is a Solana-based hand-drawn NFT collection.

How can I purchase an Awkward Dragons NFT?

  1. Buy Solana.

  2. Transfer Solana to a Phantom wallet.

  3. Connect Phantom wallet to our official mint site and press the mint button when our mint goes live! 

How much does it cost to mint an Awkward Dragons NFT?

See above.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for 'non-fungible token. An NFT is basically data that is accounted for in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specific and unique. An NFT can, for example, represent a unique piece of art or a game token. Learn more about NFTs here.


ON mint day,
claim your dragons!

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